the GamerGate Council exposed

We all remember the whole mess when MudnameMad wanted to create a council of leaders of GamerGate and the backlash that happened after. It was a common agreement that we were leaderless and that we don’t need any council. Everyone would keep an eye on Matt’s behavior and people got concerned when the “Agents of balance” thing popped up.
We were all glad it didn’t happen, because one of the strength of GamerGate is to be leaderless.

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BasedGamer or BiasedGamerGrill?

This article is written following Jennie Bharaj’s announcement to extend BasedGamer’s indiegogo campaign duration period, visible here

 Initially, we were just going to let BasedGamer’s campaign die since there was no way it would be funded. Since Jennie wants to succeed at all cost, we decided to publish our findings.

What is wrong with BasedGamer and why are there people against it?

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