DayZ radar

Day-Z radar I made for the mod.

DayZ Radar

Current version:
-Added Taviana
Old versions:
-Added Lingor map
-Players are now sorted by their ID and not by their name
-Added a “Settings” tab
–customize your date/hour length in logs (default: 8)
–Remove lines with “-” either in player ID or player Name (default: yes)


Work in progress:

Source code:

There is a text file of both buttons and the full project code.
Tool is developped in Windev. You can download a light version here: Windev Express

The software iself:
Nice picture of a player tracking (early dev state):

Drama timeline (aka “How is this program born and why I was banned from DayZ forums”):
-Our server got an InstanceID over 6000, vehicles were not spawning in
-We spot 2 times a player on a bike
-I script my program to see what’s going on because server logs are unreadable
-Turns out they were hackers, HAHA BUSTED!
-Some guy I know from a french forum posts a subject about “admins abusing logs exploit”
-I post on said post screencaps of my program tracking players + link to download it
-Post gets deleted but someone screencaped it
-Post gets restored but without link to download it (people are supposed to PM me to get it)
-I create a new thread “[Admin tool] DayZ Radar – track your players,tents,vehicles using server logs”
-I specify that people should PM me to get the program
-over 100 PMs in less than 4 hours
-I speak with Shawn (DayZ team) on Vilayer’s TeamSpeak (was there for a different reason), he allows me to put the download link back in my thread
-I put download link back, over 200 people downloaded it right now, people are thanking me for the tool
-I go to sleep
-I come back the next morning, post is no longer there and the only reason I got is “If you want it back, send a message to a DayZ team member or a DayZ community team member”
-I send a private message to the 3 DayZ team members who allows private messages.
-MattLightfoot quickly replies me, obviously he’s not aware of anything and states that it is some kind of “admin cheat”
-Some DayZ community team member PM me and ask me for the software, thanks me and congratulates me
-Matt get pissed off, bans me for 24 hours, then for a week because my program/thread is still around
-DayZ dev team modify the server side code just for me (actually, they commented a line and it took less than an hour for people to PM me with the solution)
-Over 2000 downloads and 3 maps added on the latest version, tool is still used. Other tools appeared as well.
-Many cheaters were spotted and banned. Great success. Some people used the software for bad means as well.
The end. :)