GamerGate projects: so many fails

Here is a short list of projects, mostly websites (excluding streams) which have failed.

Failed projects

Gamers communities oriented projects
It was the first website to be created, but the person at the head of it, Stephanie Dorman left promptly after the launch, going on a boat crusade vacation for at least 3 weeks.
They also have an history of spying other projects, doing shady contract/legal stuff, a failed indiegogo campaign (the initial goal was supposed to be $100 000).
I might or might not write and release the information in the near future.
Synthovine started his own wordpress gaming website. He also tried to do streams.
Both failed. He realized the wordpress was a bad idea because the samples submitted were terrible (his words). He deleted his 3 stream videos because he moved to hitbox. He only streams occasionally now.
Project hosted by Drybones
They have a lot of code on GitGud yet it’s inactive for months (if not years).
Started by mudcrabmerchant, not updated since november.

Carbon based gaming radio
This project might be called a fail due to collateral damage following the Steve drama, yet they did keep doing their episodes after it.
They didn’t have the credibility anymore.
Started by Jennie Bharaj
I debunked it here and a few days later someone else did it too. Jennie replied badly, as usual.
Besides a weak fan base, #GamerGate doesn’t trust the project anymore, and some didn’t even trust it from start.
I don’t know who started it, it was supposed to be live on December 28th 2014. The twitter is inactive.
A response to basedgamer, by Michael Jordan
He shilled his project all over reddit and on twitter, yet people aren’t interested.
Kudos for making a proof of concept, Boo for not going past it.

GameDevs oriented projects
A response to IGDA. I don’t know who started it, the twitter is dead.
A response to gamasutra. The website isn’t updated anymore.
My personal project, a response to IGF/IndieCade. Some people got interested in it, yet it didn’t take off, probably because I didn’t have enough time.

Successful projects
The only blog about gamergate that did succeed, thanks to TheRalph’s hard work. Bravo!
Started by roosh from ReturnOfKing, they’re doing good.
Project hosted by Drybones, work mostly done by Moltar and Daggot
The #GamerGate website/wiki

Pending projects
Another one of my projects. The project was supposed to go live “next week” back in october.
Yet, a lot of shit happened, people required my help and I had to investigate some issues.
I made the mistake of seeing it too big. The project will be shrank into a “start small, think big” mentality, and as soon as I get time, I’ll finish it.
Yet, it won’t be linked to GamerGate.

I left out a few projects, I don’t know their current status and I didn’t want to label them either as pending or as failed.

I don’t know why there are so many failed projects, but this isn’t looking good. People who launch projects are either too busy, inexperienced or they simply want to milk #GamerGate.

To those who still are brewing projects: Stop focusing on happenings and keep working.
We need those replacements.

  • The Deuce

    How about They seem to be doing okay.

    • Neirdan

      Agreed, I added them.

      • The Deuce

        There’s one idea I had, that I’ve tried to hawk on Twitter, though it doesn’t seem to have caught on widely yet (unless people are doing it under the radar):

        Four major guys recently left IGN, as you probably know. They appear to be SJWs. One was in that “25 Privileges Of Gaming While Male” video, and one of them was a primary instigator behind that “entitled gamers” nonsense regarding the protest of ME3’s half-assed ending.

        My guess is, they had some disagreement in outlook with the rest of the staff. They appear to have bailed shortly after GamerGate started. IGN, of course, used to have that Babeology section, and has long tried to cater to the “men’s lifestyle” audience. It’s still in their careers page, in fact:

        Anyhow, it seems to me that this is an opportunity for GamerGate’s journalists to aggressively pursue the openings that will be left at IGN. It’s absolutely ludicrous to me that out of all the major sites, not a single one will, for instance, write any criticisms of Anita Sarkeesian and defend their audience against her. If we could make that happen at just one major site, they’d tap a massive unserved market. It would be a breath of fresh air to most gamers to actually be forthrightly defended by a major gaming press outlet, and the controversy alone would bring a lot of clicks. They would end up “Fox Newsing” their competitors by finally offering a real alternative.

        Anyhow, I just want to get this idea out there, so that maybe some people who are qualified (I am not one myself) might think to go for it. Individuals like Georgie On The Go, Oliver Campbell, William Usher, Brian Whittemore, etc seem like good choices.

        • The Deuce

          OTOH, I see that all those major job openings are located in SJW Central, so it’s likely a foregone conclusion that they get dominated by SJWs unless IGN lets you telecommute.

          • Neirdan

            Some people I know around the SF area tell me it’s really a living hell of political correctness.

  • Roxie

    There is also that GamerGate timeline site that is very confusing to try to make sense of. I don’t think it’s been updated since November. I’ll try to locate the URL.

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